Hardscape Materials For Landscaping: Your Tips

Hardscape Materials For Landscaping: Your Tips

Posted on by Dale Sena

When you decide on landscape materials for the yard around your home, you may also have to decide on what you want for a hardscape. Any hardscape you choose should be beautiful, long-lasting, and as easy to install as patio and stone grill building materials. When selecting your hardscape materials, be sure to compare various types before making your decision. All of the choices have advantages, but you may prefer one over all the others.

The Advantages of Pavers in Landscaping

All pavers are of the same thickness. This makes them easy to lay for your walkways and your patio. You do not have to use mortar as pavers will stay with simple sand or gravel. You can purchase pavers that resemble brick or your favorite type of stone.

The Disadvantages of Pavers

Pavers are easy to lay down, but many installers do not use the procedural guidelines set by local industry professionals. To be sure your pavers are installed correctly, hire a professional certified contractor.

The Advantages of Concrete in Landscaping

Concrete is a durable type of hardscape and can be poured just about anywhere you choose. You can have it stained in colors of your choosing or have it stamped to add a fresh look. It costs less than other choices in hardscape.

The Disadvantages of Concrete

Although concrete is a strong surface, it does get cracks in it due to age and temperature extremes. Stains can wear off in areas of heavy traffic as well.

Natural Stone Has Great Advantages for Landscaping

The best durability is found in natural stone. Stone is available in a wide range of texture and colors. You can go with travertine, slate, limestone, bluestone or flagstone for your hardscape. You can choose your stone by the style and color you prefer. Stones that are irregularly shaped are set a little differently, but they appear more natural.

Natural Stone in Landscaping

The biggest disadvantages of natural stone hardscape are cost, transportation, and the unevenness of the stone, but once it is laid, it will last longer than any other type of hardscape.

You might decide to purchase a less expensive material for your yard, but in the long run, cheaper pavers and concrete can wear or crack and have to be replaced. The initial price may be lower, but it can cost more over time. Natural stone will last longer than pavers or concrete.

Your choice of landscape materials will be based on appearance, price, and quality. The same applies when choosing hardscape. Whether you are choosing a hardscape for a home you live in or plan to sell, your choices can increase the value of your home. If you want the best in durability and style, natural stone is the best choice.